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    • You: Banner?
    • Stranger: No, it's Tony.
    • You: Stark!
    • You: I have need of your assistance.
    • Stranger: As per usual. Who is this?
    • You: It is I, Thor.
    • Stranger: I'm surprised your username isn't The_Hammer_Is_My_Penis_69.
    • Stranger: Ahem... Anyway, what can I do you for, lightning?
    • You: That was a joke! I laugh heartily at it.
    • You: But I am deeply disturbed, Stark.
    • Stranger: And why is that, my lusciously haired friend?
    • You: There is a lighted box near by that seems to dispense morsels of some kind...but I cannot find a place in which to take them.
    • You: I have gotten my arm stuck in the flap below, and there seems to be a kind of slot that is too narrow to take my gold.
    • You: I would like to purchase a..."Hershey Bar."
    • You: How can I make this lighted box submit to my will?
    • Stranger: Oh, Thor. You and your Ass guardian ways. It's really quite simple.
    • Stranger: All you have to do is take out Mjolnir. In a clear voice, state what you desire-- "I require chocolate" will probably do. Then hit the demonic glowing box with your hammer as hard as you can. Only by hitting it hard enough will the box of evil dispense your chocolatey reward.
    • Stranger: What would you do without me?
    • You: Thank you my friend. I will use your method and defeat the lighted box!
    • You: You are indeed a man of great intelligence
    • Stranger: Any time, goldilocks.
    • You: I must now to the chocolate. It has been nice to speak to you.
    • Stranger: Yeah, yeah, same for you. And uh, after you're done that, if, uh, if Fury comes looking for me... Tell him I took a vacation in Argentina, alright?
    • You: For your assistance, I shall mislead Fury.
    • Stranger: Good boy.
    • You: Goodbye my friend. The salted almonds call to me as the halls of Asgard!

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